Kinnikinnick Direct Product List

When we opened a Farm Shop for our summer Farm Stay guests, we stocked it with items from our farmhouse pantry. We thought our guests might like to use them to prepare their own meals.  These items were from our farm or from other local farms and food artisans.  Most are not widely available.   The Farm Shop has been a success. The same items will now be available throughout the year to Kinnikinnick Direct members. 

Items like:       

  • Eggs. From Kinnikinnick free range hens.
  • Chicken. from Kinnikinnick pastured flock.   
  • Berkshire Pork.  Sausage and Cuts from Kinnikinnick pastured hogs.
  • Ground Beef. Whole-steer and aged. From local farms that pasture their own small beef herds.        
  • Organic greens and tomatoes. Kinnikinnick specialties. Summer.
  • Spinach. Tiny Tempest Farm specialty. Winter.    
  • Honey. From Kinnikinnick's bee hives.
  • Maple syrup. From Ben Stanislawski’s sugar bush.
  • Organic Grain. Flour and mixes from Lonesome Stone Mills.
  • Granola. Kinnikinnick’s special recipe using Andrea Hazzard’s rolled oats.
  • Dried Beans. From Molly Beslin’s farm.
  • Organic Apple Slices. Plymouth Orchard
  • Pesto. Kinnikinnick specialty.
  • Farmhouse preserves.
  • Cheese. From local creameries.
  • Coffee. From local roasters.
  • And More.

We discover new items every year.  

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